Wednesday, April 18, 2007

When Will It Stop?

Ok, this rain, wind, crappy day thing is getting ridiculous. I think I saw Dorothy and Toto fly by my window last night. I know April showers bring May Flowers, but how many flowers do we really need? My backyard is a complete lake at the moment and our inground jacuzzi is now above ground. Anyone ready for a dip?

Our weekend away was great. What a car ride though. I went to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (sounds more classy than UMASS, right?) so I am used to the Mass Pike and its boring, straight, nothing to look it atmosphere, but we had another hour to go after the Palmer exit 8 ramp. We arrived around 9:30pm to slushy rain showers and 34 degree temps. Our room was great. The most comfortable king sized bed I ever had the pleasure of sleeping in held some chilled champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. Being the true romantics that we are, we enjoyed these while watching the Red Sox clobber the Los Angeles Angels. It was right out of a Harlequin romance novel!

Next day, up at 10am and off to a delicious breakfast. I had the omelette du jour which had sauteed spinach and smoked Gouda cheese and some amazing coffee cake. Then we digested for a bit and hit the gym for an hour of cardio while watching E entertainment television. The time passed quickly thank goodness. Then we hung out at the indoor pool and I tried to read but I kept wanting to take a nap so I did. It is great to have the freedom to do this and not feel guilty about it. At 5pm, I had my massage and I chose the deep tissue b/c this girl had bricks in her back. It was followed by a nice pedicure. They needed real acid to get the callouses off my feet! Then a romantic candlelit dinner. It was a great treat to be away.

We left early on Sunday and drove through white out snow conditions for the first 45 minutes of the trip. Then a steady rain followed us home. Madigan had a birthday party to go to for her friend Molly at 2pm. It was fun, but poor Molly. She was supposed to have a pony but the pony couldn't make it due to the weather. Instead, there was a pony pinata. The kids beat the heck out of the thing. I think we are all stir crazy. Maybe there is hope for a sunny weekend?

Ok, breaking news: Just found out I was tagged by Tres Poshe Preppy I will work on that this afternoon!

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