Thursday, April 5, 2007

Book Club

So last week I had book club. The chosen novel for the month was Strangled, by Brian McGrory. For those of you who are local to Boston, you may be familiar with Brian McGrory who is a columnist for the Boston Globe. He also covered the White House during the Clinton Administration. This was his fourth work of fiction published. I loved it. It reopens the case of the Boston Strangler and Albert DeSalvo who many law enforcement officials do not believe was the actual killer. The book has a lead character, Jack Flynn who has a sarcastic sense of humor throughout the tale.
The best part about book club was that our hostess works with the illustrious Mr. McGrory at the Boston Globe and she somehow convinced him to be our guest speaker. I have to give the guy credit. It can't be easy to show up to a house full of women drinking wine/beer and hear complete novices rip apart your book. He seemed a bit nervous and no one wanted to sit next to him! Once the Q&A started though, I thought it went well. We had some great questions for him and he was a good sport. The odd thing was his cell phone went off about every five minutes (to his credit, it was on vibrate). We all think he told someone to call him so he could escape just as you would for your best friend who is on a blind date. He stayed for a good hour, then ran out with some excuse that he was late for something. He did not want to have coffee and desserts with us? Isn't that weird??
I would recommend this book to any of you readers out there who like mysteries with a slight comic twist to them. Also, I enjoyed all the Boston references in the book. Give the guy a chance and purchase his book. He is trying to save for a vacation house in Maine!