Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Chill in the Air

It was 46 degrees this morning at the bus stop. I, for one, am totally not ready for the cold weather. I am in complete denial that we need to cover up our arms, legs, and toes! Heck, my pool is still open!

To make matters worse, I no longer have on site parking at work. For 17 years, I have gone from my home garage straight to my office garage. The most I ever wear is a lightweight fleece. Our building was bought out by the hospital and now they are converting our garage to patient parking only. I did manage to find off site garaged parking and it is a good 15 minute walk away. Now I need to buy a coat! I have my eye on this little gem from LL Bean. It cost $225 which is a bit more than I'd care to spend. I do love the heather gray color though. You could punch this up with several different colored scarves and mittens (guess I'd better consider picking some of those up too!) What do you think?