Monday, September 28, 2009


Madigan will turn 7 next month. She really wanted a surprise party so we had it for her yesterday. Unfortunately, the surprise part got ruined on Saturday when she was acted up at BJ's Wholesale Club and I had to threaten to cancel said party to get her to stop embarressing me. Madigan being Madigan, she decided to still act suprised and ACT she did!

The weather was not so cooperative. It was the first rainy day in weeks. That did not stop the fun. The kids still swam in the pool (heated) and stomped in the puddles. Then we had

some good old fashioned fun with bobbing for apples! It took some of the kids forever to grab one and others went right in and landed a macintosh. I think the kids who had no luck were the ones without front teeth!

I decided to skip making all the food this year and instead had the main meal delivered. Great decision. No slaving by the stove and missing out on the party. I highly recommend ordering out!

The party was capped off by the beating to death of a treasure chest pinata. No party would be complete without sending off the little ones with a bag full of sugar!