Friday, May 8, 2009

Oh Sh/t!!!

My washing machine stopped working a week ago. I put a normal size load it, it filled, agitated, and then would not rinse, drain and spin. The "OL" overload sign came up. I tried rearranging everything inside but still nothing worked. I mentioned it to my D.A.D. (that is my Dad. He spells out my name and I spell out D.A.D. for him!) and he said he would come up and look at it over the weekend. He and The Doc diagnosed that a button to activate the last cycle was broken and that is why it would not work. D.A.D. said it was an easy fix and all it needed was a new switch (think of that switch in your fridge that makes the light go on and off as you open the door). He came on Tuesday to install the new switch. When I got home at 4:30pm, he had already been here for 3 hours. I guess it wasn't so easy to fix! The machine was completely apart and I heard lots of swearing. D.A.D. said he would have to finish up the next day because he needed more tools (never a good sign). I came home on Wednesday and he had just arrived. The two of us took 2 more hours to get everything back together! Finally, I could do a week's worth of laundry!!! He stuck around to make sure it was working and that there was no flooding, etc, etc.

I put two loads of laundry in yesterday and then Madigan and I headed out to watch a friend's baseball game. I got a call from the Doc around 7pm. He was screaming that the basement was flooded and our drop ceiling was now a drop floor. It had broken apart from all the water all over the place. The Doc is calm in a medical crisis but not a home fix it project. I just finished cleaning up the mess. I have fans running to try and dry out the rug. Hopefully, it will do the trick.

Now, the important question: "Can anyone recommend a great washer/dryer?" We are thinking of getting these: The LG Steam washer and dryer. Should I get Riviera Blue or Wild Cherry Red? PS: These so don't count as Mother's Day gifts!