Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Bunny is the new Santa?

On this the Eve of Easter 2007, I have come to realize that Easter is the Spring version of Christmas. People are out buying all sorts of crazy stuff for their children's Easter baskets. Correct me if I am wrong, but circa the 1970's, we were lucky to get a few jellybeans and M&M's thrown under all that Easter grass and maybe some bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Nowadays, kids are getting bikes, American Girl dolls, and everything else but the kitchen sink. Even my own 4 year old asked when she could make her Easter Bunny list. List? How about you be grateful for the few trinkets I have actually had time to pick up already? So now, in addition to being one of the thousands of mother's trying to find the perfect white pair of shoes and tights with hours left until Easter, I have to fulfill a wish list? Don't even get me started on the religious importance of the holiday.

In the morning, I hope we don't have a spoiled child on our hands. I am really hoping the Reese's cups will bail me out. We have a very busy day tomorrow. My husband's family is from Egypt. They are Coptic Orthodox which is very similiar to Greek Orthodox. Usually, their Easter falls after the traditional American Easter. This year, it is the same day. We have to go to two different celebrations for his family. Why can't one Aunt just have everyone over? Each has to do their own thing which is a hastle for me. I really don't want to be forced to eat at two different houses either. These Egyptian women will notice if you haven't eaten your share too. The guilt they can place on you rivals that of Jewish Mothers! Madigan is sure to have a tough day too. She is by far the youngest child in the family, so they will all be very excited to see her which is fine. But, when there are 50 people squeezing your face and speaking to you in Arabic, it gets a bit scary. She also always falls asleep in the car on the way to the promised land, so she will be shy for the first hour. The first one to offer her a Lindt Truffle and their high-heeled shoes will be the winner.

Make sure you all post pictures of your children in their Easter finest. It is too bad the weather is not likely to cooperate her in New England. 40 degrees does not make a perfect day for a Lilly dress! Enjoy your families, friends, and food!

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E said...

I feel you on the Easter list thing. 'Tis true, circa the 1970's we got a plastic easter basket with some grass, some candy, and some plastic eggs filled with M&M's!

My daughter will be wearing a turtleneck and tights with her little Easter dress, and her patent leather mary janes. No spring here :(