Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tag, I'm It!

First time tagged (surprising since I can't run very fast) and here it goes:

Three Things that scare me:

2.)Thunder and Lightening
3.)My bathroom scale

Three people who make me laugh:

2.)My four year old Madigan
3.)My Dad

Three Things I love:

2.)My Cats Tigger and Bailey
3.)My family

Three Things I hate:

1.)Peanut Butter (except Reese's cups strangely)
2.)Going to get my inspection sticker
3.)Wearing wet socks

Three Things I don't understand:

2.)How men can remember every friggin sports statistic

Three Things on my desk:

1.)Two computers
2.)outgoing mail
3.)too much work!

Three things I am doing right now:

1.)Talking to Blue Cross Blue Shield about an incorrect claim
2.)Adding up a deposit slip
3.)fighting off the urge to go and get an icecream

Three Things I want to do before I die:

1.)See my daughter in her wedding dress
2.)Go to Greece
3.)Go on a trip with my close friends

Three Things I can do:

1.)Use the remote control without looking at the numbers
2.)Make people laugh
3.)Remember birthdays even of casual acquaintances

Three Things I can't do:

1.)Run for longer than one minute
2.)Straighten my hair
3.)Speak Italian

Three Things I think you should listen to:

1.)Classical music to calm you
2.)80s music to get you going
3.)your heartbeat to know you are alive and appreciate every day

Three Things I think you shouldn't listen to:

1.)Rosie O'Donnell (used to like her, now she is just too much)
2.)Rap music
3.)People with chips on their shoulders

Three Things I'd like to learn:

2.)How to make a great chocolate souffle
3.)How to be more patient

Three Favorite Foods:

1.)Filet Mignon
2.)Stone Cold Creamery's Orea Overload with coffee icecream
3.)Cookie Dough

Three Shows I watched as a child:

1.)Little House on the Prarie
2.)The Brady Bunch
3.)The Love Boat

Three Things I regret:

1.)Not spending more time with my grandmothers
2.)Not exercising enough this last year
3.)Not finishing projects that I start

I don't think there is anyone out there who hasn't done this yet, but if you are one of them by all means consider yourself tagged!


Anonymous said...

You got it regarding Rosie.

Lori said...

That was fun reading your list, thanks for sharing!