Thursday, June 26, 2008

What Time Is It?

It was time for me to do a little shopping with my Mom and my Sister while we were in Aruba. I haven't bought anything for myself in a while so we decided to leave the men and kids behind and get some retail therapy. I knew I wanted a watch but never thought I'd get a black one! This is a Technomarine Ceramique, I love it. It is a bit heavy but according to all the salespeople, big watches are all the rage now. It has a stop watch feature that I haven't an inkling as to how to use.

After hitting the jewelry store, we mosied on over to the Gucci store. I had my mind set on a large hobo bag. They had it but not in the color combo that I wanted. They lovely salesman named "Diony" (pronounced DI-on-NAY) directed us over to the sale wall. Sale wall, in Gucci? Yes my friends, it was true!!!! Half priced Gucci bags and not the ones you'd find on Canal Street in Chinatown. My Sister got a great steal on a white tote bag, perfect for Summer. I tried just about every bag on for size and decided on the "Scarf Bag" Now, I am not one to wear a scarf so I was not so sure the bag was "ME" but I have gotten so many compliments on it. I made the right choice. It is very roomy so I can throw all my crap in it. It also has great hardware on the handles. If only I could lose all this post babyweight (and by post, I mean 5 1/2 years worth), I would look so stylish!

Another beautiful ending to a perfect day in Aruba!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So Confused

Ok, I watched the home town dates last night on The Bachelorette. I wasn't sure who I liked for the Final Rose. I did not think I liked any of them with her. Now, after watching, I think I like them all!! Each of the dates just got better and better. She really fit in with each of the guys on their own turf and hit it off with their families. There were lots of tears especially when Jeremy read to DeAnna from a journal he kept as his mother was dying. It gave me a bit of insight into his character. I thought her date with Jesse was very sweet, but I do not see a marriage there. Then, when Jason saw Ty, the waterworks began again. No one thinks they are going to grow up to be a stepmother, sometimes that is what love brings you. I loved how DeAnna explained that she would never be a replacement mother, she would just be one more person for Ty to look up to and be loved by. Then Graham. Graham was a lesson in true frustration. You can clearly see how crazy she is for him. It was painful to watch them sitting on the bench with him not saying anything to her. It must have been awful for her to send him home since she admitted he was the only one she was falling in love with. Not sure where this story will end!

Monday, June 23, 2008


Sorry guys, I've been missing in action over here in Landcruiser Blog World. We went away to Aruba for a week, had a great time there. Then had to figure out the new Summer Schedule at our house, and after that, we've just been Monkeying Around

I'll be back though, don't you worry. How about you all? Anything new?