Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Update

We had quite the busy weekend. On Friday, Madigan and I joined a bunch of her school chums and their parents for the Big Apple Circus. Have you ever been? It was our first time and I was very impressed. I am not a fan of the regular circus where all I smell is elephant poop. This circus is very intimate, every seat is a great seat (particularly ours as we were 5 rows back in the center) and the show is amazing! They had some great acts with Poodles, Horses, and feats that stretch the imagination. For Madigan, I think her favorite part of the day was taking the T to get there! You can always tell the girl from the suburbs in this crowd! Then we took the train back to the Back Bay and played at her friend's house for the rest of the day.

On Saturday, we had swimming in the morning and then we went to my niece's baseball game in the late afternoon. While Lara played baseball, Madigan and my other niece Avery (3) played who can get the dirtiest in this 6 foot high pile of dirt. They looked like the subjects of a Tide commercial!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Big Brother Fans?

Are any of you out there watching Big Brother 9? We are just days away from the finale and I am actually pleased with the Final Two. The show itself has kind of sucked this season. I did not like the premise of "Till Death Do You Part" at the beginning. I also thought the houseguests were all a bunch of filthy pigs. There have been some serious fights, medical emergencies, sex acts, and lots of two timing going on. I was glad to see that Ryan chose Adam last night and not the easy win by picking Sheila. She played the single mother card one too many times for my liking and enough with the water works! I am very glad that Sharon is out too because she screams when she talks. I am thinking she must be related to Dora the Explorer somehow.

It all ends on Sunday. I think Ryan will end up taking home the big $$ and Adam will be alright with his $50,000. We'll just have to tune in to see!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Major Milestones

It's only Tuesday, and we've already had a busy, eventful week at the Landcruiser Household. Madigan learned how to ride a two wheeler. She went to a birthday party for our friend Molly who turned 4. Molly has been riding a two wheeler for weeks. "That means she knows how to ride a 2 wheeler and she is 3!!" exclaimed Madigan. Molly was nice enough to give Madigan her learning bike without training wheels since she got a new, big girl bike for said birthday. As soon as we got home from the party, we had to practice, practice, practice. Madigan did really well except I think she is going to wear a hole in the bottom of her shoes from trying to stop the bike with her feet. Everytime she puts her feet back on the ground, she tells me that she meant to do that!

The other exciting news is that Madigan apparently went to Cosmotology School without my knowing about it and graduated because she CUT HER HAIR!!!!!! We were eating dinner last night and she was playing 20 feet away from us. I gave her the 5 minutes to bedtime warning and looked over to see her brushing her hair with a brush she had been dipping into a cup of Pellegrino (nothing but the best water for her!) When I went to gather her up, she looked funny......funny because she took a machete to her head! I was furious, she started hysterically crying and I told her to get upstairs. Of course, she starts crying for Daddy. She would not tell me where her hair was but she showed him. She had hidden it under the rug and there was plenty of it! I really hope that Shag Haircuts make a quick comeback because I don't think a headband hiding the damage will do the trick!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun

Every year, my Mom, Sister and I make appoinments to have our make up done and refresh our colour palettes. We go to a private studio of the make up artist who did the make up for my wedding. She is very talented and her skill with make up is an art. We went on Friday, the weather was awful here in the Northeast, constant rain and very chilly. Once we were done with our new looks, the weather was a non issue. We looked fabulous and we all left with a bag full of goodies. Not to be outdone, Madigan insisted on having her turn.

Her look was quite subtle, but she was all smiles! Then we four hit the town for a great dinner!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Fling

I saw these Land's End Mocs at Sears the other day and I want them. I had my hands full with other purchases, so I did not feel like searching for my size and trying them on, but I keep thinking about them and will be going back to claim them! They come in several great colors, so I may have to get more than one!

After traveling last week, we realized that we need new luggage. Some nice people we met on the beach told us that they had recently purchaed some rolling duffle bags from LL Bean. I checked their site and Madigan fell in love with this one:

She likes it so much because of the color. Everything has to be dark pink! It has Labs on it and she loves dogs although we do not have one. That does not stop her for asking for one about 20 times per week. Right now, if you spend $50 or more, you can get a $10 LL Bean gift card. I can put that $$ towards this cute little number:

It has the cutest turtles on it. The class mascot at her school is a Sea Turtle named Sally, so I think she'll really like it.