Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cape Cod Chaos

Last week was our Annual Girls Week on Cape Cod. Each July, my Mom, Sister, and I head off to Mashpee with Madigan, my nieces and a few of Madigan's friends. My Mom's friend Linda also tagged along for the week. We had two great beach days, then the weather went to Hell in a hand basket. There is nothing like strolling down Main street in Chatham dodging umbrellas and eating wet fudge from the Candy Manor. We hustled over to Brewster to have a late lunch/early dinner at Ocean Edge. We ate down in Bayzo's pub and it was fab! Great martinis, and the kids were clear on the other side of the place playing (ruining) billiards!

We had a few special guests drop in on us during the week. That adds to the fun. Bingo is the best when you have 9 screaming kids yelling BINGO and then fighting over the prizes! I did not take as many pictures as I wish I had. Not sure why. Too lazy I guess!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Auction, Anyone?

Do you love a good auction? Do you love luxury real estate? If so, check out this site. You could get an incredible deal on one of Nantucket's finest estates. You just need to provide your credentials, a $75,000 certified check and an immediate 10% downpayment should you be the lucky winner!!! The property is gorgeous. I especially like the view of the backyard. The only problem is that Nantucket is just not so easy to get to!!
Can't you just picture yourself reading in one of those adirondeck chairs?? How about a game of croquet on the lawn?
Let the bidding begin.......

Monday, July 6, 2009

Another Big Day

Madigan got her ears pierced!!!! She has been asking on and off for the last few months. I thought graduating from Kindergarten would be a good milestone to celebrate. We had to wait for my mom to get back from Aruba before we could go, then we kind of forget again. She asked me again this week, we made a call to Nana, she was available, so off we went to Claire's.
Madigan was very excited and could not wait to jump up into the chair to hug the Piercing Bear. It took a bit to choose the right earrings. We thought her birthstone would be great, but it is pink. For those of you who don't know, Pink Stinks and is only for babies. We settled on a very cute flower that looks like it is made of diamonds!
She was such a trooper. Did not yell, did not cry, all she did was say "Ouch" with a big smile on her face! It was quite the exciting day!