Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Lucky Day???

It was a beautiful morning here in Boston. I was driving Madigan to camp and myself to work. I had my window down about 6 inches to enjoy the fresh air at 8:11am. Then, "SPLAT", birdshit landed right on me!!!! It came in through the open window, landed half on my seatbelt strap and half on my left boob (yes more boob talk for you bloggers) where the strap crosses over. Thankfully, I was at a red light and I had babywipes in the car. It was so digusting. Madigan was quite intrigued and like all kids her age wanted to see the poop. I was only about 1 mile from home, so we pulled a U-ee (u-turn) and headed back to the house to grab a clean shirt and throw away the desecrated one. Luckily it was just an Old Navy t-shirt that had seen better days. All this being said, isn't there an old wives tail about being hit by bird crap and it bringing you luck? Look out Mass State Lottery, here I come!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Off To The Cape

Headed for a Girls Week on Cape Cod. We'll be based in Mashpee but visiting Chatham, Brewster, Falmouth and maybe Martha's Vineyard. Have a great week!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Almost Makes Me Want to Have Another Baby....

Have any of you seen the gorgeous offerings from Restoration Hardware for Baby & Child? I love everything!!! Where was all this cool stuff 6 years ago when I was planning a nursery? Even Potterybarn Kids was limited at that time. I was creatively thinking about how I could use this gorgeous chocolate brown and pink duvet in my home. Madigan's room is HOT PINK so that room is out. We have a guest room (also called Stepson #2's room) that I could possibly re do. Is it way too girly though? I would consider painting the horrible green walls in there a nice chocolate brown because I could always switch out this duvet and use chocolate brown and turquoise bedding as well?? Let me know what all you design divas think! And if you already have a great paint color, then give it up!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Lucy and Molly!! These are my friend's new twin girls who were born yesterday morning at 9:45 and 9:46am. We are thrilled to welcome them to the world! They were born via cesarean section. I was the official photographer and calming force in the room. Their mommy was very nervous so I tried to keep her calm. Everything went smoothly (for me anyways!) They join their big Sister Kate who will be 2 at the end of July. Welcome Girls!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I think I am going to have to stop watching these Bachelor/Bachelorette shows. They are emotionally draining and I've been devastated by the ending almost every single time. Really DeAnna, Jesse??? What in the name of all that is good and holy are you thinking? The two of you looked like complete idiots on the couch. You were acting very fake and not at all like the DeAnna that viewers have now watched on two seasons of the Bachelor shows. Your father looked stunned, Jason and Jeremy are going to need intense therapy. I am very disappointed in how she strung Jason along. Their last date looked perfect. She was giving him every signal that she was in love with him too. B-I-T-C-H And as for May 9, 2009? I seriously doubt that you will be walking down any aisle that day with the exception perhaps of a supermarket aisle!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Birthday America

The Fourth of July Holiday kicks off here on the 3rd. We always go to my friend Stephanie's beach cottage in Humarock. This year was no exception. I got the gang together and off we went at 6:30pm. Normally, it only takes about 40 minutes to get there. This year, they are replacing one of only two bridges that can get you over to Humarock from the town of Marshfield. That meant an hour of traffic when we were only minutes away from the cottage. We weathered the delay by singing in the car with Madigan and my two nieces. We had a great time once we landed. The fireworks on the beach are informal (bootleg and illegal) but what a show! There are bonfires up and down the beach. It is truly a fun atmosphere. Miss Madigan hates the noise from the fireworks so things get a bit dicey once it gets really loud. She sat on the fence with all the kids and a really nice grandmother who I did not even know, but it put her at ease. One of the houses that faces the ocean had a live band and they were rocking it out playing great tunes so that entertained everyone. At 10pm, we decided to head home. Remember that bridge trouble we had on the way in???? Way worse on the way out. We hit gridlocked traffic only about 7 houses up from Stephanie's cottage. We literally did not move for 35 minutes. It took an hour and a half to get out of Humarock. I had to drop off our carpoolers and I got home a mere two hours later. Very long drive!

The actual 4th of July was pretty quiet. The weather stunk, it was overcast and humid/clammy outside. We visited the Doc's family for the afternoon and then went to my aunt's house for her town fireworks. Madigan and her cousins watched from inside the house. The show was spectacular. We got home late and called it a night. I can hear Boston's Esplanade show from my house and it sounded like it was amazing. I've never gone in to see them though. Way too many people for my taste!

How was your holiday??

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back Away From The Grill

Should any of you readers every make it over to my house for a cookout one day, just make sure that I am not the one doing the cooking on the grill. We had some company last night and the The Doc was stuck delivering a baby girl (Maddison Ryan for those who want to know her name). That left me to my own devices when it came to feeding everyone. My pasta salad and chocolate chip cookies were a hit. It was the chicken and sausage that were a big miss! I could not figure out how to light any of the burners save the "searer". So, I cooked on that part. The result was pink chicken and sausage. Some of the chicken looked alright so we ate that. I also ate the sausage and now regret doing so. I am not feeling too great today. I think next time I will order pizza!