Thursday, January 24, 2008

Poor Me!

The Results are in: I have "moderate growth of Group A Streptococcus plus normal Oropharyngeal Flora" I don't think I am dying, but I probably should play this off for all I can. I have always been a healthy person with the exception of some extra lb's and high cholesterol! I have never had Strep throat, mono, bronchitis, etc. Now I have some crazy stuff living in my throat. I started getting a clue when my right tonsil was practically jumping out of my throat. Now it is on to the Zpack and hopefully a full recovery.

This illness will not hamper my weekend plans in the least. Friday night, The Doc and I are going to my favorite restaurant in Boston, Excelsior for dinner with a pharmaceutical rep. She is a lot of fun so we should have a great time. Just waiting to hear back from a potential babysitter. On Saturday, Madigan has a birthday party at one of those pottery places from 3-5pm. I'll be sure to have another "treasure" created by her to keep forever. Saturday night, we have a Ladies Night Out to go to for all the Moms at Madigan's old preschool. We have a bit of a ride as our hostess actually lives about 40 minutes away. We are all piling into a Suburban so we only need one car. It is potluck so very easy on us all. I have been assigned Pellegrino, Smirnoff Ice, and my world famous Congo Bars. I am really looking forward to this. It is a great group of girls and there is sure to be many laughs!

Now I have to run, we have a lunch today sponsored by a company that does the genetic testing for breast cancer. I will post some information for all of you if it is good! Enjoy your Thursday!


Cindy said...

Poor you! And I can't believe how busy you are with this going on! I hope you have a little down time this weekend. Take care.

suburban prep said...

Good Ole ZPack gets the job done.
I have had to rely on that stuff a few times.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

I hope you are better and had a great weekend!

Hemstitch & Hydrangea said...

Hope you are feeling better- you are busy busy-0

Sounds like you needed and had a great girls night-

Post the info- my grandmother died of breast cancer and I am always trying to stay in the know-

Coming to Boston this Spring- ! Cant wait.

J's Crew said...

It is The Winter of Germs!!! My whole family is sick at the moment and has been on and off all season. I have been caught up in I don't even know what but I am back to blogging so be sure to tune in. I missed everyone.