Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Meme

Thank you all for your thoughts as I weathered through my illness! I am doing great and I am ready for a meme. I grabbed this from the Fabulous Kimba. Here it goes:

Four Jobs I've Had
1)Warburton's bakery at 14 (kind of like Au bon pain)
2)Filene's-intimate apparel department
3)The D.C. (dining common) at UMASS Amherst
4)My current job running an OB/GYN office (been here for almost 16 years!)

Four Movies I've Watched Over and Over
1)The Outsiders--"Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold"
4)High School Musical 2--not by choice

Four Places I Have Lived
1)Dorchester, Mass
2)Weymouth, Mass
3)Amherst, Mass
4)Milton, Mass

4 Shows I Watch
1)General Hospital--I DVR it every day
2)Project Runway
3)Cashmere Mafia

4 Places I Have Been

4 People Who Email Me Regulary
1)Auntie Sheilee
2)Auntie Pat
4)Our Property Manager in Aruba

4 Favorite Things to Eat
1)Buffalo Chicken Tenders
2)Steak au Poivre
4)Oreo Overload Icecream from Cold Stone Creamery

4 Places I'd Rather Be
1)At a spa having a facial
3)back home asleep in my bed
4)Arizona on Sunday for Superbowl XLII

4 Things to Look Forward to This Year
1)Losing weight???
2)The birth of my friend Sarahkate's twins!
3)Madigan finishing PreK

There you have it! How about you?


Kimba said...

YEAH, i want to be in AZ too!!!

Suburban prep said...

Did you know there is a game called Caddyshack Trivia?
Hubby and his three brothers love this movie so it has been quite the entertaining item at family get togethers.

dmmlandcruiser said...

I had no idea there was a Caddyshack trivia game! Thanks for the tip!