Thursday, January 31, 2008


I watch a lot of reality tv... a lot. There really is not much else on these days with of course the exception of the two hours of LOST tonight!!! So I stumbled upon Kimora Lee Simmons show that details her life as a mother and style maven. She is pretty stuck on herself but to her credit, she is a beautiful woman and she's "made it" in this life. That took me to her clothing line website. I saw the cutest shirt on there for girls and thought I'd grab it for Madigan. I really can't go wrong seeing is as it is pink and green. Has anyone ever bought anything by Baby Phat? Wondering about the quality, sizing, etc. It's not that expensive if you peruse the sale sections. Here is the shirt:

Now tell me what you all think!


k e r r y said...

have never seen any of her clothing but the shirt is cute as can be!

Sarah said...

I love baby phat! I wish she didn't incorporate that cat logo in EVERYTHING but some of her stuff is really cute, decent quality and frankly i LOVE kimora.

Perfectly Plump Preppy 2.0 said...

I'm with Sarah about wishing that darn cat wasn't on everything. I am very hard to fit for jeans and the Baby Phat jeans are great. They even come in 33.5 inseam which rocks. Great quality. My only gripe about the jeans is it is really hard to find normal washes. I am sorry to say after all that rambling that I know v little about the kids clothes though.