Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Deep Chill

We have had the craziest weather here in Boston the last week. One week ago today, it was 68 degrees. On Friday, we had three hours of torrential downpours and thunder and lightening. Then we got a snowstorm on Monday that dumped heavy wet snow everywhere and cancelled school for most children. What next? The snow is beautiful outside right now because it is stuck to all of the trees. We lost a tree on our front lawn. It was already kind of dead but now that it is weighed down by white stuff, it has crashed onto the lawn and the roots are completely out of the ground. That should be fun to clean up!

Nothing much else going on. Just work and hanging out at home. No exciting plans for the long weekend either except the Patriots Game. I always get so nervous before playoff games. It would be a shame for them to lose this one and not make it to the Superbowl after the season they have had. We have been very lucky sportsfans here in Boston recently but the Superbowl is the ultimate reward that we need to reap!

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Tickled Pink Designs said...

I know, the weather has been crazy! My whole family, with the exception on Hubby (thank GOD) has been sick, i'm sure it's the weather! it is supposed to be FREEZING this weekend. (GO Patriots!!) and then it will probably be 80 next week...