Thursday, March 29, 2007


Any of you bloggers out there watch Lost? I loved this show in season one. Now though, I think they call it Lost because the viewers are. What was up with last night's storyline? Two characters, Nikki and Paulo, who they brought on this season and showed maybe once before on the beach comprised the entire show. My feeling is that they have enough storylines already and should focus on those. The show feels too "choppy" for me. By the time an interesting episode makes it way back on our wide screen plasma tv's, I can't remember all the details and clues from that storyline. I won't even get stared on its new time slot (yes, I will, 10pm is too late!)
I prefer the episodes with Jack, Kate, Sawyer, John and Sayid. Those are the ones that keep me on the edge of my seat. I do appreciate that they aren't plugging in any reruns this time around. That makes me crazy! With the arrival of Spring, we need to prepare for the arrival of cliffhangers. Hopefully, Lost will step up and leave us wanting more all Summer long!


Lisagh said...

I was so hooked on the show for season 1 as well. It was okay in season 2 when they introduced "the tailies" but as soon as "the others" started getting more air time I started not caring as much. What happened to Rose and Bernard? Why did they get rid of Michael and Walt and where are they? Why do they keep killing people when you finally get interested in them (Ana Lucia, Libby, Mr. Eko)? And still, why aren't they answering any of the REAL questions? I'm still watching it now, but if I miss an episode it's no biggie. Bummer.

Kerry said...

Yeah- what happened to rose and bernard! And this past show was the first time they even mentioned Sun's baby! But... I am still WAY WAY into this show - I love it!