Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Buried Alive!

Hi Everyone, sorry I have had absolutely no exciting posts here. I am crazy at work just trying to catch up from the week off. Add to that, we are getting new computers (read: we are finally getting PC's and the internet) so the computer guy has been in my office for the last few days. Then, I tried one of the workstations and found some "filth" in the google search window. It seems as if the friendly office cleaning crew has decided to get their jollies after hours and infect our computer. Now, poor computer guy has to run some anti-virus software and clean the whole brand new computer up for us!

On the home front, we are just waiting for the most recent batch of snow to melt and then we'll be having the Annual Easter Egg Hunt. I know you are all hanging off the edge of your seats for the details on that extravaganza!

For now, everyone enjoy the new season. It is certainly not Spring here in Boston where it was 29 degrees on my ride in at 10 in the morning. Is it time to call the pool company to schedule the opening yet?

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