Friday, March 9, 2007

We Made It!

When you wake up at 4am after having two hours of sleep and you go outside to load the suitcases into the back of the SUV and it is only 9 degrees out, you don't really mind the horrible lines at the airport. That is because you know after a pleasant four and a half hour flight, you will see the Aruban flag and know it is all good. We survived the mass of Spring Breakers at Logan Airport although it wasn't easy. There was no time for a pink Dunkin Donut for the four year old. I have to give her props though, she did not cry. The lovely gate agents were announcing our name (along with twenty others) who were in their opinion, a bit tardy for the flight. So, straight on board we went. Great flight, Madigan was preoccupied with her new Peter Pan DVD and I tried to catch a few winks, not easy when there is a stranger sitting next to you. We could not all sit together, so Madigan and I got to bother someone besides Daddy four times to let us out of the row to use the lav. We are pretty sure that Daddy and Big Brother Ben had a very long nap, twenty rows ahead of us.

So today is our first full day in Aruba. We are waking up, having coffee out by the pool and just trying to figure out what we should do today. I think it will involve sun, water, and cocktails, topped off by an amazing dinner at one of the island's unbelievable restaurants.
More later, gotta let Madigan have her turn on the computer. Have a great day everyone!

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ladygodiver said...

Glad to hear your having a ruff time of it. Tigger and Bailey are fine, they miss you and can't wait to hear the garage door open!