Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wanna Play Footsie?

Yes, I am a sucker for shopping for anything cute for girls. These handpainted baby girls shoes can be found at along with some pretty hip stuff. They have a great selection of designs and can even take custom orders. Makes me want to have another baby girl! Maybe they can create some designs for bigger girls. I will send a shout out to the store proprieters and find out!
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! We are in the midst of some ugly weather here in Boston and it is not in the least romantic. I have already ordered the Doc to NOT send overpriced flowers. Instead, we had a lovely dinner on Monday night at a great local restaurant called Ten Tables ( You guessed it, there really are only ten tables. The food is heavenly, the prices are just right, and it was very cozy. I give it five stars!

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