Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Here I Am!

Hello Blog World! After almost a year of reading, I am now blogging! I must admit, half the reason why I am just writing my first post is because I had no idea how to create a blog. I decided it was high time to just try and figure it out. Good luck to me!

The second reason I have been so hesitant is because I am boring! I have no crafty skills to speak of, my talent list is short and I am a busy working mother. So, who would want to read any of my random thoughts?

But, alas, here I am. I will do my best to keep it amusing and interesting. Here we go!


Chloe said...

Welcome to blog world!

Your stationery is being shipped out today by the way!!

Erin said...

I'm SO glad you're blogging! And hey, I'm not crafty, I'm pretty boring, and I'm a busy working mom too and I've been at this blogging thang for 5 years. If you write it, they will come!