Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Holiday Weekend and that your Thanksgiving was abundant in food, family, and friends.

We are in Aruba having a great time. Madigan is thrilled because her cousins on her Daddy's side are down here having a blast with her. They've been snorkeling, tubing, and jet skiing. They play hours of water volleyball together and have gotten quite good at ordering from the bar and putting it on Uncle Sam's tab. We've been on the island since Thursday and Madigan hasn't slept here once! She is living the dream. The cousins return home to reality today, so I am expecting some tears and a very unhappy day. I am sure we'll come up with something to keep us all busy and enjoying our last two days in Paradise!

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Cindy said...

We went to Cabo San Lucas for several Thanksgivings. Funny--I never once missed the fall weather or holiday trappings! It's a nice way to rest up for the upcoming holidays.

But did you never come home??