Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fun Times

Madigan turned seven in October, but with all the other birthday parties and craziness going on, we just could not fit in her party. We had it instead this past weekend and where was it??? Plaster Fun Time!!! I have to admit, despite the chaos going on in the room, it was a fun time. I am one of those moms who feels bad and has to invite every first grade girl (along with a few 2nd grade girls). That meant 28 girls!! The staff was great. They have a party leader who does everything with the girls from learning all of their names to helping them paint their creations. I was responsible for the paper products and the cake. They even supplied the pizza! Madigan had a great day and was thrilled with how it all turned out. Right now, my family room looks like a toy store with all the gifts all over the room. I am trying to convince her to donate a few toys (may as well just talk to the wall). So far, I have grabbed a few craft gifts and hidden them away far from her view to be given to so worthy causes. I can now check the party off my list of things to do!!


lisagh said...

What fun! I love that I've been watching Madigan grow up all these years.

Anonymous said...

My daughter turned 6 on Thanksgiving. For her 5th, we went to Disney. Love the Grand Floridian! Toned it down this year... We went to Pottery Place and painted an ornament and then dinner. I only invited her BFF and her BFF's sister and mom as well our Caroline's sister Lexie for an intimate dinner. Fun but chaotic even with 4!!!