Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Minivan + Snowy Road = AAA

So last night, my sister in law and I decided to take the girls ice skating at our town park. There is an area behind the town pool that they flood for the winter months for outdoor skating. My sister in law decided to take the road less traveled to reach said skating area. We slowly drove down the darkened, tree lined path and arrived at the part that was not plowed off. Sister in law decided to back up to turn around. She almost took out a couple trees before getting stuck in the snow. We then took turns trying to push the car out. I am a big girl but not a strong girl. Our efforts were futile until I started rocking the minivan back and forth and Presto: minivan freed! She then decided to pull forward again to "turn around" Bad idea I said and Yes my friends, the Sienna got stuck again. This time for good. The college aged boys who finished playing Heineken Hockey came off the ice to try and help us but nothing could be done. They took off before our fine police force could arrive to assess the situation. Once the two "girl cops" as our girls referred to them arrived and had a peek, we were permanently stuck. It took a flat bed tow truck to get the Sienna back on 4 wheels and flat footing.

We passed the time waiting for AAA to show up by attempting to skate. It was dark, cold and there are no "warming houses" on site. Things were great until 2 people who were walking their dogs came by. The dogs were thrilled to see our bag of hats and mittens. They don't call them Labrador Retrievers for nothing! Boots the Black Lab made off with two hats, a Croc and ear muffs! Seamus the mut grabbed a scarf and they were off and galloping throught the snow! Madigan loves dogs so she thought it was hysterical until she went to put her drooly frozen hat on. Avery my 3 year old niece was freaking out about the dogs even being there. And poor Lara, my 9 year old niece was just bummed out that she left her hockey stick in the minivan on the back of the tow truck!

Lesson learned: Next time we decide to go ice skating, we will either take my SUV or go to our friend's house who just built a high class skating rink in their yard!

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pink and green forever said...

I believe your stretching the story for dramatic effect. Maybe in hindsite you should of tried driving the sienna backwards down the dark curved road:) Oh well, lesson learned. Nothing ventured nothing gained! I should know better, learning to drive in New Hampshire!