Monday, January 12, 2009

Bad, Bad Blogger

Wow, I am coming to realize that I am a much better reader than I am a blogger! I thought I would be better at posting this year, but that does not seem to be happening! I will make a conscious effort to come up with more for you (singular?) to read!

We had a nice weekend. Friday night was LNO (ladies night out) with the preschool moms. A bunch of us still get together quite frequently even though the kids have been out of preschool for almost two years and have gone their separate ways into different schools. It is held at someone's house and we eat, drink and gab. We did a White Elephant Swap that was very funny. I got stuck with a book on the benefits of cocoa oil! I brought a frog soap on a rope!

Saturday, our family went to visit a new cousin, Sebastian August, who was born on December 18th. He is a little handsome peanut with lots and lots of dark hair. Madigan is not impressed by babies. She was more interested in wearing everyone's high heeled shoes. Lots of great Egyptian food and good company.

Sunday was spent enjoying the snow. Madigan and her cousins frolicked outside for the whole afternoon tunneling through all the snow in the back yard. I have been watching 30 Rock on Netflix so I spent the afternoon wiping the tears of laughter off my face! We then watched the red carpet for the Golden Globes but not the ceremony. Our primetime was for Jack Bauer and he did not disappoint! Two hours last night and another two hours tonight. It is like Christmas all over again!


Kimba said...

Tomorrow night will be tough without any Jack, i've been spoiled.

Cindy said...

The soap and the book sound like a reasonable exchange. I left our holiday swap with some used climbing shoes (the guy who brought them took a lot of heat for such a lame offering), and someone left with my fabulous battery-powered martini mixer. Not fair!

I've never seen 30 Rock (we don't have cable). Funny? I should rent it.