Monday, January 26, 2009

6 1/4 Celebration

Madigan turned 6 in October. We had her family/friends party then and it was great. However, we were not able to get our acts together to have her school party until this past weekend. She wanted to celebrate at her gymnastics place which was great news for me because it is very easy and we've gone to about 1,000 parties there already so most of the girls already know the drill!

These were the party favors:

I got T-shirts and fabric paint to decorate any way the girls liked. I also threw in a ring pop!

These are my helpers:

They really did not help. They played with the bag ties and sat on everything!
Madigan is obsessed with polar bears so her cake reflected that:

The best part of her party was the Bungie. Only the birthday

girl gets to go on and Madigan's face said it all!

I am so glad The Birthday is finally over!


Cloggsy said...

Oh look at her cake!

Heidi said...

That bungee looks so cool! LOOKS is the key word...I don't think I could ever do that! I bet the kids loved it though! :>)