Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Lucky Day???

It was a beautiful morning here in Boston. I was driving Madigan to camp and myself to work. I had my window down about 6 inches to enjoy the fresh air at 8:11am. Then, "SPLAT", birdshit landed right on me!!!! It came in through the open window, landed half on my seatbelt strap and half on my left boob (yes more boob talk for you bloggers) where the strap crosses over. Thankfully, I was at a red light and I had babywipes in the car. It was so digusting. Madigan was quite intrigued and like all kids her age wanted to see the poop. I was only about 1 mile from home, so we pulled a U-ee (u-turn) and headed back to the house to grab a clean shirt and throw away the desecrated one. Luckily it was just an Old Navy t-shirt that had seen better days. All this being said, isn't there an old wives tail about being hit by bird crap and it bringing you luck? Look out Mass State Lottery, here I come!


lisagh said...

I have been pooped on by birds twice in my life AND I had a bird hit a window right above me, die and land on my shoulder. So far, my luck hasn't changed!

Stacy said...

That bird must have been aiming for you.