Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back Away From The Grill

Should any of you readers every make it over to my house for a cookout one day, just make sure that I am not the one doing the cooking on the grill. We had some company last night and the The Doc was stuck delivering a baby girl (Maddison Ryan for those who want to know her name). That left me to my own devices when it came to feeding everyone. My pasta salad and chocolate chip cookies were a hit. It was the chicken and sausage that were a big miss! I could not figure out how to light any of the burners save the "searer". So, I cooked on that part. The result was pink chicken and sausage. Some of the chicken looked alright so we ate that. I also ate the sausage and now regret doing so. I am not feeling too great today. I think next time I will order pizza!

1 comment:

lisagh said...

Pink chicken or not, that is one bee-you-tiful outdoor kitchen you have there, missy!