Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Update

We had quite the busy weekend. On Friday, Madigan and I joined a bunch of her school chums and their parents for the Big Apple Circus. Have you ever been? It was our first time and I was very impressed. I am not a fan of the regular circus where all I smell is elephant poop. This circus is very intimate, every seat is a great seat (particularly ours as we were 5 rows back in the center) and the show is amazing! They had some great acts with Poodles, Horses, and feats that stretch the imagination. For Madigan, I think her favorite part of the day was taking the T to get there! You can always tell the girl from the suburbs in this crowd! Then we took the train back to the Back Bay and played at her friend's house for the rest of the day.

On Saturday, we had swimming in the morning and then we went to my niece's baseball game in the late afternoon. While Lara played baseball, Madigan and my other niece Avery (3) played who can get the dirtiest in this 6 foot high pile of dirt. They looked like the subjects of a Tide commercial!


Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Fun! Still cute in all that dirt! :) My friend just took her kids downtown (Chicago) on the train and they were LOVING it. Couldn't stop talking about it. Too cute.

lisagh said...

OMG! I can't believe how dirty they are. What fun for them - probably horrible for you having to clean her (and the tub) off!

Cindy said...

A circus with poodles? You gotta love that! Sounds like a great alternative to drugged tigers. The last time I went a Ringling Bros. circus (must have been 15 years ago) we had front row seats, and I couldn't believe how stoned the tigers looked. It ruined the whole thing, and I've never been back. Sophie really likes Cirque du Soliel--worth seeing if they come to your town.

Sounds like a fun weekend!