Thursday, April 24, 2008

Big Brother Fans?

Are any of you out there watching Big Brother 9? We are just days away from the finale and I am actually pleased with the Final Two. The show itself has kind of sucked this season. I did not like the premise of "Till Death Do You Part" at the beginning. I also thought the houseguests were all a bunch of filthy pigs. There have been some serious fights, medical emergencies, sex acts, and lots of two timing going on. I was glad to see that Ryan chose Adam last night and not the easy win by picking Sheila. She played the single mother card one too many times for my liking and enough with the water works! I am very glad that Sharon is out too because she screams when she talks. I am thinking she must be related to Dora the Explorer somehow.

It all ends on Sunday. I think Ryan will end up taking home the big $$ and Adam will be alright with his $50,000. We'll just have to tune in to see!


lisagh said...

I really hope Ryan wins too. The funniest thing about Sheila yesterday was she was "crying" as she left the house, but no tears were coming out. Umm... nice try.

The happiest moment for me was when Natalie was voted out - I couldn't stand her!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a BB fan! I'm happy with the final 2 too. I hope that Ryan wins!

Love your blog, BTW! I can't remember how I found it, but like reading along.