Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Major Milestones

It's only Tuesday, and we've already had a busy, eventful week at the Landcruiser Household. Madigan learned how to ride a two wheeler. She went to a birthday party for our friend Molly who turned 4. Molly has been riding a two wheeler for weeks. "That means she knows how to ride a 2 wheeler and she is 3!!" exclaimed Madigan. Molly was nice enough to give Madigan her learning bike without training wheels since she got a new, big girl bike for said birthday. As soon as we got home from the party, we had to practice, practice, practice. Madigan did really well except I think she is going to wear a hole in the bottom of her shoes from trying to stop the bike with her feet. Everytime she puts her feet back on the ground, she tells me that she meant to do that!

The other exciting news is that Madigan apparently went to Cosmotology School without my knowing about it and graduated because she CUT HER HAIR!!!!!! We were eating dinner last night and she was playing 20 feet away from us. I gave her the 5 minutes to bedtime warning and looked over to see her brushing her hair with a brush she had been dipping into a cup of Pellegrino (nothing but the best water for her!) When I went to gather her up, she looked funny......funny because she took a machete to her head! I was furious, she started hysterically crying and I told her to get upstairs. Of course, she starts crying for Daddy. She would not tell me where her hair was but she showed him. She had hidden it under the rug and there was plenty of it! I really hope that Shag Haircuts make a quick comeback because I don't think a headband hiding the damage will do the trick!


J said...

Oh no! I think the self-haircut is a rite of passage. I hacked off my bangs when I was five (because I didn't want bangs anymore) and my sisters all took scissors to their own hair as well. I can't believe she hid it under the rug though!

Tammy B said...

I cut my hair when I was young. I cut mine almost to the scalp. It was hard to even out. My sister cut herself a mullet. What was so bad was my mother had paid good money earlier in the day to have her hair trimmed. My sister thought it would be easier to fix in a ponytail.

Cindy said...

She's pretty enough to weather a bad cut! It will be a great story to tell when she grows up.

Congrats on her learning to ride a bike so young! Sophie didn't learn until she was seven---partly because we live in a hilly area and have no sidewalks. I was starting to worry though!

The Wife said...

Ah, yes, the do it yourself haircut. I did this when I was four. I had to get the "pixie" cut which resulted in everyone saying, "What a handsome boy you have there"! My mom said that for a year I introduced myself by saying, "Hi, I'm Jennifer and I'm a girl".