Monday, May 28, 2007

Nieuw Bericht

Hey Everyone, Happy Memorial Day, and Happy 7th Anniversary to the Doc and I. We are celebrating down in Aruba with my parents who will mark their 40th!!!! Anniversary in June. We totally surprised them, they had absolutely no idea we were coming. I told them I would drive them to the airport on Saturday morning. They drove to our house and when they pulled into the driveway, we came out with our suitcases! They still did not get it. They thought we were sending things down for them to bring to our house. When light dawned, my mother was ecstatic.

This is great timing for my mother. She lost one of her best friends to breast cancer last week. It was an awful battle that lasted two years. Lillian was diagnosed when tissue from an elective breast reduction revealed the disease. Soon after, her liver function tests revealed that it was in her liver. It was then found in her bones and then her brain. She valiantly fought until they told her that nothing more could be done for her. After stopping chemo, she was gone within one month. She was so full of love and life. Lillian will be greatly missed.

As for the title of my post, I think it means "New Post" in Dutch. Everything on the page is written in Dutch, hopefully you all can read this in English (if I even have any readers!)

Gotta make sure Madigan is doing all right watching Blue's Clues in Spanish! We are a multi-lingual house right now! Have a wonderful day, and as Lisagh points out, please remember those who have served and those who are serving now to protect our way of life. Happy Memorial Day.


cape cod mermaid said...

Well if I didn't read your blog then I wouldn't know where you were!

Anyway, Happy Anniversary to you and to M.O.M. & D.A.D.!!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Mrs. P said...

Happy Anniversary! I am so sorry for your loss.