Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Great Things Come in Small Packages!

Don't we all just love when there is something special in our mailboxes? Yesterday, I got this great package from SweetSparrow Sarah. I found her through Chloe's blog. Sarah is great to work with. She is helpful and gets right back to you. She worked with me to customize my key fob. I like to be able to put it around my wrist so as to not lock myself out of the SUV! She helped me coordinate the look and I think it came out great! The headband is very soft on the spot just above the ears, so I think I can actually make it through the entire day wearing it! Go check out her designs and products. Don't be shy about asking her to customize something just for you. Sarah is a doll!


Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Very cute, love the key fob!

Cloggsy said...

Sarah is a doll and bloody marvelous!

I now send her the fabrics I wanna work with and she whips up all kinds of designs.

Life without Sarah would be a dull one, let me tell ya!!

Sarah said...

Hey, it's my stuff! =)

So glad you like it and thanks for featuring it on your blog--made me smile!

~ Sarah