Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Tidings

Now that it has finally (?) stopped snowing here in Boston, the next wave of weather will be crazy Spring Showers. We've already had a few good rain storms and some thunder! You might think that living in New England my whole life would make me a prepared person, but no. I don't own a raincoat and my rain boots have sitting outside my office door for the last year and only worn twice. I bought some great Hunter wellies for Madigan back in January. We got the zebra sock inserts so she could wear them during the cold. Unfortunately, we now only have one boot. She somehow lost the other one although she claims she didn't. I have been trying to find her another pair of boots but refuse to pay for the Hunters again. Today, I got an email from LL Bean for $10 off my order. Look what I found:

How cute are these???? They are the LL Bean Puddle Stompers and the price is good too $29.50. Madigan has loved sea turtles since pre-K when the class mascot was Sally the Sea Turtle. I will have to get final approval from the Diva herself but these could be a keeper!

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