Tuesday, March 24, 2009

12 Degrees North of the Equator

We are back in our home away from home: Aruba

We left last Wednesday and have had a wonderful vacation. Today is our last full day and it is a bit cloudy out there right now. The Doc is out for his daily run, Madigan is playing games on the Disney website and Stepson #2 Ben is still sleeping (quite acceptable behavior for an 18 year old). We keep it pretty lazy on these trips. Lots of sea and sun. Since we come so often, there is no pressure to have to go sightseeing or exploring. It is just a full on relaxation trip. I have read three books so far. I borrowed my father's Kindle. I love it!! I just went on Amazon.com and ordered one for myself. If you do not know what Kindle is, go check it out! It is like an ipod for books. Kindle is great for avid readers because all those pages are contained on one device. No more stacks of books sitting all around the house. The drawback is that you cannot lend out your favorite titles to people.

We have also hit out favorite restaurants during the trip as well as done some home cooking on the grill. Tonight, as we always do on our last night, we will go to Madame Janette's. This is my absolute favorite restaurant in the world. If any of you ever go to Aruba, please be sure to add this to your itinery. The food is beyond compare!

Hope Spring has sprung wherever you are!


lisagh said...

So happy you're able to enjoy some beautiful weather. Today in Wpg. it feels like someone just dumped a big clear Slurpee on us. Is it rain or is it snow? Nobody knows!

Heidi said...

Sounds like a great vaca!

I can't wait for our summer vacation...too bad it's in July. Would like to go NOW! :>)