Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yes Way Hosea

Hoorah!!! Hosea won Top Chef last night! The competition was tight between Stephan and Hosea. Each has some serious culinary chops and came up with some amazing dishes. Stephan's ego is bigger than Europe! He is an incredible chef though. I loved when Hosea assigned him to work with alligator! I would not have tried that soup. Poor Carla did not go with her own recipes and that proved to be her downfall. She will be regretting that decision for the rest of her life.

Next we will find out if anything is happening between our winner and Leah. They had a huge flirtation going on all through the season and even gave in one night and had a quick daliance! Although they had said it was a one time screw up (did I really just saw screw???), I did take notice of the congratulatory kiss and hug last night and it was very different than the ones he got from all the other ladies in the room! Can't deny the attraction!

My reality shows are all coming to a close in the next few days. It must be time for America's Next Top Model to start and we always have Survivor!!!


tommie said...

This made me laugh! I am really looking forward to ANTM. I even started watching Rock of Love bus ....that is how low my reality-show-watching has slipped! LOL

The Mrs. said...

I am mystified as to WHY Carla let her Sous Chef run the show! Casey was supposed to help not change the menu! I am happy for Hosea though!