Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reunions and Give Aways

Did any of you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Show last night? Then we gotta talk!! But first, great news for those of you who are looking for some free stuff! You MUST go visit Ladybug's Picnic to find out about her gorgeous headband give away. It is very simple to enter and her blog always makes me laugh.

On to silicone, I mean Orange County. I readily admit that I watch a lot of trash tv. I love it. These gals out on the West coast are completely crazy with their fake hair, their fake boobs and their fake friendships. I watched every episode this season thanks to my trusty DVR. Tamra and Vicki went way beyond being b!tchy. They were down right evil in the way they treated Gretchen and Lynne. Neither one of them could see anything wrong with plying Gretchen with enough tequila to practically kill her and then sticking that digusting Ryan on her was just plain sick. They claimed in one sentence that they weren't forcing her to drink when in the next sentence, Tamra admitted to being ashamed of her behavior. Well, which is it? Jeana is textbook case enabler both with her husband and her children. She lets everyone walk all over her. She needs to step up and gain some self respect. I actually liked Gretchen and think she really did have some kind of real relationship with Jeff. He seemed like a very smart man and I don't think he was conned by her in the least. I am sure she made his last days better. As for Lynne, I am actually hoping to not see her on Season 5. She is way too boring and her kids suck. Raquel needs to wake up and do something with her life. I wonder if Lauri will be back riding on her horses and getting her lips plumped up next season. I for one cannot wait to use some of Ashley's skin care line!!!


lisagh said...

I never hopped on the "Real Wives" bandwagon. Sounds like I'm missing some fun!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

I know... I liked Vicki in the first few seasons but she bugs big time now. I think the way she disrespects Donn is digusting. Get a DIVORCE already! Get therapy... Get therapy at a group rate with Jeana...

Lynne is boring and her daughters bug me. Why did they get SO much camera time?

Gretchen, I'm on the fence. I loved her at first but I've heard from many sources about her dating other men and just trying to be with Jeff to get on the show,etc. Who knows, still like her though because like you said Jeff probably got his way in the deal as well.

I wish Lauri would come back!

OK, I'm SO ready for the RHNYC, I laugh my ass off with Bethenny, she makes the show!

Heidi said...

I missed the reunion show. I am trying to find a rerun to Tivo!

I agree with you guys on Vicki. I used to like her but she's like a crazy alpha female now! Telling Lynne to stop talking! Whatev!

I also hope not to see Lynne agin on the show. She is TOTALLY boring and those girls of hers...SUCK!

I love Gretchen and hope she's coming back next season!!!

Pray that I find a reunion rerun!

Heidi said...

IT's on! 11pm tonight! Can't wait to watch this trash! :>)

The Mrs. said...

I am willing to pay to keep Lynne pff the show! She is so dumb! I am doing my recap tomorrow.
I soooooooo agree with you!