Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Egg Nog and Friends

On Sunday, we attended our annual get together with my friends. Each year, a different gal hosts except me since I do all the Summer out by the pool stuff. We each bring something delish to eat and we get something little for each of the children to open. This year, the kids were all obsessed with playing Wii. The spiced up Egg Nog was flowing especially for our hostess and her partner in crime! We had a great day and it was great to catch up with everyone. Our kids are all getting older so it is fun to watch them interact as well! We had a Yankee Swap for the adults which is always hysterical. I wanted to do a White Elephant swap where you would wrap up something awful that you already had at home but the gang wanted a traditional $10 swap. I decided to combine the two! I had a lovely plastic blue purse that I got last year from bookclub that I used to hold a sparkly tank top that read "Party Girl" with a margarita glass on it! The real gift was a pair of sterling silver earrings. Another hit was the three foot long pepperoni stick. No one even noticed that it had a scratch ticket taped to it! I opened and went home with this:

That's right, it is Rick Springfield's Christmas Wish to me!! I held on tight to my cd and have been listening ever since!

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