Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's That Time of Year

Where in the world has the month on May gone? I cannot believe today is the 21st. That means there are only two more weeks left of school for the PreK student at my house. My job today was to think about teacher gifts. I think I found some winners. For her teacher and the other K1 teacher, I chose these adorable note cards:

You can find them on Etsy here She has tons of cute invitations, birth announcements, etc and the quality of her work looks to be amazing. I need to thank Life with Lulu for bringing this spot to my attention!

Not to be outdone by this vendor, I also chose something from Life with Lulu's Etsy store. Madigan has a class pet at school. It is a sea turtle stuffed animal named Sally. Heather has a beautiful seersucker belt with a turtle buckle that I thought would be just perfect!

Any ideas for the Bus Driver????


suburban prep said...

How about a gift card to Panera Bread or some other eatery?

tommie said...

one of my favorite easy teacher gifts is to wrap a bottle of sunscreen in a beach towel (monogrammed if possible), with a subsciption to a magazine. I usually give Real Simple. I then tie it with some grosgrain ribbon...very simple. I even stock up on those beach towels when they go on clearance. Target had some for $5 in Feb.

Cindy said...

Great gifts! I'm fresh out of bus driver gift ideas, but in answer to your query in your comment on Figs about storing basil: It never lasts that long in my house that storing it for more than a day or so is an issue. To store for that amount of time, I cut the bottom of the stems and place the bunch in a glass of water on my counter--just like fresh flowers. I know you can do the same thing and place a plastic bag over the top and put it in the fridge. It's important to keep the leaves dry--else they'll turn black. But it seems to me putting it in the fridge dulls the taste some, so if I can't use it right away, I usually make it into pesto and freeze that by drizzling a thin layer of olive oil on top inside a plastic container. The olive oil seals it and help keep it green, as does adding a little fresh lemon juice to the pesto.

You've kicked off a huge pesto craving in me! I love it and could eat it for breakfast, but we're still waiting for seasonal basil here. Good luck and enjoy yours!!

Anonymous said...

I just ordered the last set of teacher note cards. Just what I was looking for!!!

I LOVE the sunscreen, towel, magazine subscription idea! I'm SO using it next year. And hopefully, I'll be savvy and stock up on the summer sales! Ha, no I won't. I'll be scrambling at the last minute--same as this year. ;-)

Thanks for sharing the great ideas!!