Wednesday, March 5, 2008


First of all, huge hugs and congratulations go out to Our Girl Chloe who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! Welcome to Motherhood!

Next, lunch was terrific at the Four Season's last Friday. My sister had a wonderful birthday and we were joined by one of our great friends (and my college roomate) Judy. When I made the reservation, the staff asked if we were celebrating a special occasion. I told them that indeed we were so they then asked if I'd like to have them arrange for a floral arrangement from Winston Flowers. Of course I did. Here is what they came up with:

I did not have my camera with me at the lunch, so I took this picture three days later. It looked amazing when the tulips were tighter, but then again, didn't we all look better when things were tighter too?

As for the Other Boleyn Girl; the book was so much better than the movie. If you haven't read it, please do. The movie was fine. Scarlett Johansson was a bit dry. Natalie Portman and Eric Bana were great. He made a great King Henry, his voice is so sexy........I digress. I felt like the whole second half of the movie was very rushed. I don't want to give away any plot here, never one to be a spoiler, but I think they lost a lot of the true love story of Henry and Anne.

If you can't get your fill of King Henry and his Court from the book or movie, check out the Showtime original series "The Tudors". I don't have Showtime, but now I want it. On Demand offered up Season One until today for free. There are 10 episodes, so you have to watch quickly! Season 2 starts on Sunday, March 30th and I don't know how I can wait until it comes out on DVD. The cast is amazing. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is King Henry and he plays it incredibly well. He is sane one minute and crazy the next!
Here is the link for a great promo video! Anyone already watching??


Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Pretty flowers!

I want to see the Other Boleyn Girl movie but I would like to read the book as well. I'm a Natalie P fan so can't wait to see her. And, Eric Bana, of course!

Erin said...

I watched season one of The Tudors -- it was only O.K. for me. I kept thinking it was trying to hop on the "Rome" bandwagon and wasn't quite getting there.

That said, I'll probably watch season 2. I just don't love it the way I loved Rome.

Perfectly Plump Preppy said...

I am totally obsessed with The Tudors. I have Showtime and during the writers strike I think I watched all of their original programming On Demand.

I have yet to read The Other Boleyn Girl or see the film yet but I'll make sure to read the book first.

GORGEOUS Flowers. So glad to see you updated. I was starting to have withdrawl. lol

Kerry said...

I can't wait to see the movie - I just finished the book which was GREAT. Thanks for the scoop on the Tudors - I am going to start watching it so I am ready for season 2!

Cindy said...

That settles it--I'm reading the book and will catch the movie later on dvd (this will make Husband sooooo happy).

I wonder if the Tudors is on dvd? We don't have cable, so that's the way I catch stuff like this.

Glad you had such a nice birthday celebration for your sis! The flowers were a beautiful touch.

Lori said...

The flowers are just gorgeous~ such pretty colors!