Sunday, February 17, 2008

V Day

Some may think Valentine's Day is for couples. The Doc and I rarely ever do anything special (everyday is special, right?) for each other. Instead, we focus all that love and attention on Madigan. She had a great time creating her Valentines for her classmates. Hello Kitty and Scooby Doo were the selected choices. They had a special cookie at school when they exchanged their cards. When Madigan got home, we gave her a little Valentine's Surprise. She was very excited to rip into the bag to see what kind of treats were in store. Here is her loot!
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She got a new bathing suit and swim goggles, some heart shaped muffin pans with Valentine inspired sprinkles, some new hair ponies, socks, and notepad, and two adorable purchases from Petit Bateau. One is a hot pink (although in the photo it looks red)skirt with a petticoat underneath. The second outfit is some pink yoga pants and long sleeved shirt that are incredibly soft. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


Kate said...

Adorable! I agree - at this point it is much more fun to see the kids do cute valentine stuff!

Cindy said...

Yep--Valentine's day was mostly about our daughter as well! I was never really a holiday person until I had a child. I guess what I like is that it gives me a chance to indulge her in ways I wouldn't on a normal day. I'm trying hard not to create a spoiled brat, but I do love buying her fun stuff. And the look on her face is all the gift I need.

Madigan scored some good stuff!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

So cute! Honestly, she could be a model. Gorgeous child!