Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Days of Yore

Long ago, in a galaxy far, far, away, I used to go to fun places like U2 concerts and Professional Sporting events. Now, I go to see events like High School Musical on Ice. There have been countless others who have came before this one such as Nemo and Disney Princesses. I have always taken my tickets and used them as permission to take a nap. This time, however, I actually enjoyed the show (GASP!) The songs are really catchy and the skating was great. Gabrielle fell twice and who doesn't love to watch that! Madigan and her friends all had a great time. I only had to drop 10 bucks at the novelty table too! She chose a microphone headset that she kept on through the whole show. It made for a great rainy Monday.


Mom on the Run said...

My daughter's best friend had an older brother who had a box at Phillips Arena, so he always gave all the kid oriented stuff to her. We saw every Disney on Ice show that came to town, along with the circus and all the teeny bopper bands. After doing that for years, we were incredibly spoiled to go to things on our own where we didn't get to park right by the door and use our private elevator!

I've missed the whole HSM phenomenon, but my daughter knows all the songs from planning two camps at her summer job.

Cindy said...

I guess this is what it's come to! But how cute does your daughter look with that head set? Bono never looked that good.