Monday, October 29, 2007

Victory is Ours

And let the Rolling Ralley begin! What a whirlwind the last week has been. I can't even tell you how exciting it is to be a Red Sox fan today. Winning just does not get old. Mayah (mayor to those who don't have a Boston accent) Mumbles Menino has announced that the Rolling Rally 2 will commence on Tuesday. It kind of sucks that it is on a week day. I myself don't know if I can go. (It starts only a mile from my desk so I'll see what I can manage) I can understand that the players all want to get home to be with their families. I am sure Papelbon has something up his sleeve in the form of a victory dance. We are all breathless with anticipation. And just when we think there will be nothing left to get excited about, the Pats take on the Colts on Sunday!

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