Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mother's Day

Last night, Madigan had a sleepover at her friend Ella's house. I jumped all over the opportunity to schedule myself some treatments at our local day spa where I normally only stop in for pedicures. I started with a facial. I have one particular lady that I have been going to for my facials/waxing but her place is not open on Sunday, so I had to try someone new. (I hope Olga does not read my blog!) And because I tried someone new, I had to hear the whole sales pitch on why I need the most expensive facial on their menu of services and not just the regular old balancing facial Olga provides for me. I settled on a mid-priced one which is twice as much as Olga's. It was pretty good, the mask felt great, but the massage part seemed a bit too quick. My favorite part of the experience was where the girl told me I have beautiful skin. If that is so, why then did I need the $120 facial?????

Next came my massage. Again, I did not have a regular person there to rely on for this one. I have had sweedish massage in the past and don't feel like they do much more than a back scratcher. I went deep tissue baby and let me tell you, it hurts! I did feel great when I left and know I need to take better care of myself. The technician said I was pretty tight and could stand to book my next one for an hour and a half! It will have to wait until the next sleepover though!

It was a gorgeous Fall day around these parts. Everyone is in great moods thanks to The Red Sox who only need one more win to become World Champions again. My husband just yelled up that the Patriots are killing the Redskins something like 52 to 0. Look out Peyton Manning!


Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Lucky you! Nothing better than a facial & massage. I'm about due myself. I hate that part, when you try a new place (or on vaca) and they pressure you... so annoying. Kinda takes the "relaxing" part out of the equation!?!

Libby said...

A spa day topped off with a Red Sox win, sounds like the perfect Sunday to me!!