Monday, November 14, 2011

Falling Over

I cannot believe it is the middle of November already. Time is flying by too quickly. We had a nice, hot summer here in Boston with lots of swimming and bbq'ing. On the homefront, things are fine. Working, school, homework, the usual. We are off to Aruba next week for Thanksgiving. I need to let Madigan's teacher know that she will be "sick" next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (yes, I am clairvoyant). Hopefully, this will not be a problem. I don't hesitate to take her out of school to travel because she never misses school for being sick. We have been blessed with a very healthy child and she has never missed a day due to illness.

Madigan turned 9 at the end of October. I cannot believe how mature she has gotten. She is still a Diva who loves to sing, dance and shop. In fact, her birthday party was a Shop Till You Drop Party. We rented a limo to take the girls shopping at the Mall. They were each given some $$$ to buy what they wanted. This worked out great as whatever they bought = their party favor. I always hate
wasting money on party favors that likely hit the garbage within days. Candy is a terrible option at this time of year
since the Halloween candy is everywhere. They all had a great time......"Best Party Ever"

(picture #1 with Siamese cat on graphic tee, picture #2 with real Siamese cat)

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