Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Model Child

Last week, on an balmy Summer evening, Madigan became a model! One of my neighbors that I grew up with is now a professional photographer. She shoots mostly children and weddings. I love her style, so I booked her to shoot Madigan. I have not had any professional pics of her done since she was 2 so I think this was long overdue!

We met Rachel (check out her site!!!) at Nantasket Beach. Since it was since 96 degrees out at 6:00pm, the place was mobbed! She had Madigan in front of some bright colored backgrounds. Then they moved onto the carosel and took a few on the beach. This pic stinks since I took it with my iPhone while trying not to be Teresa from The Real House Wives of New Jersey! I will let you all know when the real shots are up for viewing!
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melissa said...

A darling model child :) Love Madigan's pose and outfit!

Cloggsy said...

She looks beautiful!

linda said...

She looks beautiful, now a lovely young lady and not a baby anymore!

Suzanne said...

Love her ensemble, she's adorable!