Friday, November 21, 2008

When The Going Gets Tough, Get Cupcakes!

This has been a crazy week for cupcakes. Everyone must have sugar on the brain to try and keep themselves warm and forget about what the stock market has been up to (more like down to!)

This first batch is from a store called Babycakes. It is located in Quincy, Mass the next city over from where I live. Her special cupcake is the Babycake. It resembles the classic Hostess Cupcake and it is delish! She writes babycake across the top instead of the squiggly line that Hostess perfected. My personal favorite is the Oreo cookie cupcake. As you can see, they are the most represented in my dozen. Completely yummy! The frosting is just like the middle of the Oreo cookies! I also chose a new addition to her line. Those are in the middle. They are chocolate ganache caramel!!! Melt in your mouth is what they do!! I also got a traditional chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting!

Yesterday, one of our pharmaceutical reps brought these babies by for me! They are from a store called Sugar in West Roxbury. I cannot even tell you what they were other than delish! Another Oreo offering, caramel offering, not even sure what the vanilla one is! Very fancy and very fun. Not the kind of cupcakes you want to waste on the young if you know what I mean?
After eating one of these, I had to walk around my backyard and haul inside all of our seasonal furniture! I think I still have some exercise to do to exorcise those calories!
Have a Great Week End Everyone!


Cloggsy said...

Well of course I bloody came to your blog - you mention cupcakes, I drool!

linda said...

Those look delish!

not happy with google said...

dmm- just found your blog and love it- especially now since I see you share my love for babycakes- have you tried the french toast cupcake? It's like heaven in the form of bread pudding:)