Monday, December 10, 2007

Early Morning Start

Hello All, I hope you had a fun filled weekend during these crazed Holiday times! We had a very nice weekend over here in Landcruiser Land. We went to a Christmas Party on Friday night for the office that we send our patients to for ultrasounds. They always throw a great party and this year it was open bar! Last year all they served was beer, wine and a festive drink called pointsettas. As I don't drink any of that, I had to sneak off into the bar in the lobby of the establishment and get my own Cosmopolitan! It seems plenty of Friday night's revelers rembered that about me, OOPS! The best part of any Christmas Party in my opinion, is the Yankee Swap. For this particular swap, the budget was $25.00 Since I have no imagination (read I waited until the last minute), I picked up a VISA $25 gift card. We went home with two great gifts. The Doc opened a Barefoot Contessa cookbook, but went off in search of stealing an original painting that a neuologist had done of a fish. The Doc wanted that painting for our house in Aruba! I opened a beautiful basket that had margarita mix, salt, and two martini glasses. I quickly put it under the table so as the remaining shoppers would forget what I had!

Saturday was chaos at the house. We are having our windows replaced after living here for only 8 years. Seems our builder must have picked up the windows at the dump! At noontime, Madigan's friend Ella's mom called to see if I was going to a Holiday Party at one of their former preschool chums houses. In fact I was, and no, In fact I did not have sitter and would love for Madigan to stay over their house for the night! What did that really mean? It meant The Doc and I went into Boston to Excelsior to have an early, delicious dinner! Afterwards, we did stop by said party for a nice cocktail. Sometimes things just work out nicely, don't they?

Then, the icing on the cake was going to last night's Patriots game. It was frigid but fun! In case you are either not a sports fan or your head had been stuck in the sand, our New England Patriots are currently sporting an undefeated season. Last night, we played the Pittsburh Steelers, but they were no match for Tom Brady and his boys! What a time to be a Boston Sports Fan!

Well, Miss Madigan has risen and it is time to get her off to the school bus. Have a great day everyone!

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