Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hurricane Watch!

HI Everyone! Writing to you from Aruba where Hurricane Felix is fast approaching! We got word yesterday that there was a Hurricane Watch issued for the island. Aruba is below the "Hurricane Belt" and has not been victim to the wrath of Mother Nature for quite some time. The locals here say that hurricanes only come once a century to their beautiful island. Looks like this time, it could actually happen! I just brought in all of our lounge chairs and moved the grill into the kitchen. I don't know if these precautions are necessary, but it is foolish not to do so. I keep reading articles saying "tourists are flocking to the airport to escape from the island" and that the local hardware stores are mobbed with people buying up plywood and supplies. We went out for a delicious dinner to our absolute favorite restaurant, came home and celebrated the news that the Red Sox rookie, Clay Buckholz, had just pitched a No Hitter! I guess we should have been in panic mode, not vacation mode! Stay Tuned Faithful readers........

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