Friday, August 10, 2007

A Bit of Pink

The new In the Pink Lilly Pulitzer Fall Catalogue arrived yesterday and Madigan immediately knew what store it was for. How is that for a savvy four year old? She honed in on these boots the second she opened up to the kids section. They have the cutest pink elephants on them and I can totally see her splashing around the puddles in these babies! Unfortunately, her cheap mother is not about to fork out $78 for rain boots. Looks like we'll have to keep these in mind a few months down the line. They also have some beautiful dresses in the new line like this one:

It is a classic for sure. I have to really start toning down my shopping for the girl because she has to wear a uniform to her new school. So while I may not be purchasing these beauties for now, I absolutley have to order this today. (Couldn't get the picture to appear)

I can't believe she is headed off to K1 (also known as pre K because she is not 5 by Sept 1st). I seemed like just yesterday that she was a tiny thing who did not argue about the clothes I was putting her in! Where does the time go?


Ladybug's Picnic said...

You're not cheap - $78 for kids rain boots is ridiculous! The dress is lovely. I try to buy Charlotte one or two special things for each size that she grows into. Otherwise, I know that her clothes very potentially could get trashed at school so her every day clothes aren't always so "special"!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Yeah, I had a hard time paying $78 for MY J. Crew rain boots?!? You are so not cheap. The dress is precious. Your daughter is always dressed so cute, from what you've shown! She is such a cutie.

Hemstich & Hydrangea said...

I cant beleive this is the first time I am on your site! I love it- so fun- my little boy is 8 months and I was just looking for fall clothes for him today. My neighbors daughter left for college today they could not help their emotions and kept telling me to enjoy every little bit becuase it flys by- so true... already.

Lori said...

They are awfully cute.... :)
(she's got great style)