Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Human Touch

HI All, I have been a bad blogger not posting for several days, but had to tell you all about the Rick Springfield concert! I saw him last night at the Bank of American Pavillion in Boston. It was great! "Dr. Noah Drake" was the headliner. The concert started with Scandal. You all remember "The Warrior" right? Patty Smyth was pretty good up there. That girl can still rock after raising six children!

Next came Eddie Money. Despite looking quite haggard, he was great! He sang all the old favorites and ran around pretty well on stage for a gentleman with a few years (and drug use??) under his belt! "Take Me Home Tonight" was great. The part when Ronnie sings "Be my little baby....." was sung by his daughter and she was great. I am guessing she's in her twenties.

Then, after the sun had set and the ocean breeze arrived, Rick took the stage by storm with some song I had never heard. He has definitely increased the guitar work in his music to sound less 80's-like. He is still as handsome as ever and what biceps you have my dear! Our seats were originally in the 13th row to the left of the stage. But by the time Rick came on, we were in the second row on the aisle, so great vantage point. "Jessie's Girl" got the biggest praise, but I have to say, the highlight of the show was when he walked off the stage straight into the crowd and sang "My Generation" by the Who. He was getting groped and he damn well liked it I tell you! When finished with that one, Rick sang the appropriately titled "Human Touch". The audience, even the guys, were going crazy trying to get their hands on him. I was two seconds too late to jump out into the aisle for my brush with greatness, but not to worry, we still had a great time and I was home by 11:30pm. It is definitely not the 80's anymore!


Sarah said...

yes!! that concert was so much fun. Rick just gets better with age. sigh!

suburban prep said...

I saw him once when I was in college. He puts on a good show.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

I SO wanted to be Jessie's Girl! Glad you had a good time!